SOLO Brewing Arrives at World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024

We’re thrilled to announce SOLO Brewing’s presence at the grand World of Coffee Copenhagen, one of the largest coffee events worldwide. Our owner, Adroaldo, will be attending to connect with top equipment suppliers, explore the latest trends and innovations in specialty coffee, and acquire cutting-edge products for our physical and online stores.

Global Connections and Innovation at SOLO Brewing

At the event, Adroaldo will also be seeking partnerships with green bean producers from around the globe. This initiative will bring exclusive new coffees to SOLO’s Lisbon roastery, enriching our offerings for specialty coffee lovers throughout Europe.

Spotlight on Coffee Design Awards: Pastel de Nata Coffee

We’re especially excited about SOLO Brewing’s participation in the Coffee Design Awards, part of World of Coffee, in the packaging category. Our highlight is the launch and bestseller, Pastel de Nata coffee. This exceptional coffee is produced in Colombia by Diego Bermudez and masterfully roasted by Adroaldo in Lisbon.

With notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and a creamy acidity reminiscent of the famous Portuguese pastry, Pastel de Nata, this coffee is a tribute to our first year in Lisbon. The unique packaging, with a label designed by Brazilian designer Thiago Pitt, features a tin depicting an imaginative reverse voyage. A caravel sails from Pernambuco, Brazil—our home state—carrying the state flag (reflecting the local pride every good Pernambucano holds) and heads towards Lisbon. The rich, multifaceted label incorporates iconic elements from Recife and Lisbon, making this sensory delight an excellent gift or travel keepsake for tourists visiting the city.

Sustainable and Exclusive Packaging

The Pastel de Nata coffee packaging isn’t just visually appealing; it’s also practical and sustainable. Featuring an exclusive orange silicone lid from SOLO that’s reusable, the decorative tin can also be repurposed, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

We’re happy to implement the idea from our friend Liza, from @cafesinmentiras. We’re inviting our customers who purchased the Pastel de Nata coffee to return to SOLO and trade the used lid for an espresso. This way, not only do we reduce waste on the planet, but we also get to welcome our customers back to our store.

Watch Our Exclusive Video

To learn more about Pastel de Nata coffee and SOLO Brewing’s participation in the World of Coffee and Coffee Design Awards, check out Adroaldo’s exclusive video. He shares details about this special coffee and his excitement for the event.

Our Brazil coffee at the BSCA booth 

If you want to meet Adroaldo at WOC, look for the BSCA – Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association booth (CF019). He’ll be there with our partners from DBarbosa Coffee, producers of our Brazil coffee, which is roasted by Adroaldo here at SOLO and is a favorite among our customers in Lisbon. Our Brazil coffee will also be featured in the cupping sessions, so take the opportunity to learn about it and give it a try!

Eyes on the Future

SOLO Brewing’s participation in World of Coffee Copenhagen reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability in the specialty coffee world. We’re eager to bring these new discoveries and partnerships to our customers in Lisbon and beyond, strengthening our community spirit and the specialty coffee market in Portugal.

Don’t miss out on the latest news! Visit us in person at Saldanha to try Pastel de Nata coffee and other exclusive products, or stop by our online store!

Rua Pinheiro Chagas, 16B, Saldanha – Lisbon

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